NEWS/Kendall Jenner’s Leggy Campaign for Fashion’s Night Out—Do You Like?!


Gee, we have the sudden urge to head over to the nearest mall and shop and shop until we collapse into a giant shoebox. Wherever could this compulsion be coming from?

What’s that, you say? You say Kendall Jenner is showing up on billboards all over Los Angeles starting August 1, posing in a giant shoebox to promote Fashion’s Night Out at the local Beverly Center?

Well, that’s one explanation, we guess.

The economy may be crappy, but this season’s fashions are some of the best yet—at least, in the color department—and Kendall’s new ad campaign embodies that trend beautifully in a tangerine Georges Chakra gown.

We especially love the unexpected sophistication brought on by the Giuseppe Zanotti platform sandals—the vision, we understand, of stylist George Blodwell.

This year, Fashion’s Night Out falls on Sept. 6, and if we can find those shoes on sale, we’re definitely there.


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